Mallory Schwartz

Living with Less MESS

Mallory Schwartz
Living with Less MESS

Living Life with LESS Mess

It’s hard enough planning ahead to meal prep now we have to remember our bags, containers, and put our list on our phone? Multi-tasking to the extreme! 

A few steps to get started…

First: Make a plan for your meals. Not only will this make your food stress level reduce but your grocery time will lessen as well. A plan means you won’t linger in those tricky snack aisles as long (or we hope). Aim to walk the perimeter of the store for the majority of your meal plan. Keep the inner aisles to a minimum! (I only get canned beans, tuna, and some condiments there!)


Second: BAGS yes you should keep your bags in your car. Those cheapo ones from the store are helpful but pretty junky after a few rounds of meal prep. I have the canvas bags which are a little heavier but also washable! So don’t worry about the mess! Just wash and reload the next day instead of trying to remember a week later when you go back to the store!


Third: Packaging. You can limit your plastic packaging even without trying. Don’t bag your vegetables or starches that have a skin! Skip the bags for onions + potatoes. Bags for vegetables? I use FlipandTumble and got them online but you can order any cloth/mesh bags. Yes the grocer will still be able to weigh them correctly.

Want to get started in BULK shopping? Check out where to shop in your state (sorry don’t have a link for international bulk- but way easier over here in Israel at larger food markets). 

For more resources check out for great ways to get started!