Hi I’m Mallory.

Welcome Y'all! My name is Mallory Hope... S is for my last name and I'm pretty much an eternal optimistic about living life to the fullest!


Here is the real scoop. Life is hard to balance. Eating healthy, traveling calmly building relationships, and of course looking like you are 'doing it all'. Oy Vey! The past 10 years have been an amazing journey- I took a huge leap into the health + wellness industry while I was living in Los Angeles. I grew up dancing in Richmond, Virginia and started teaching group fitness classes at The University of South Carolina. I tried the 9-5 corporate life and was NEVER good at it. My spirit was calling for something else. I am happiest in my kitchen- fueling my soul (and others bellies!). I am a certified Barre, Yoga Sculpt, + Lagree Pilates Instructor. I followed my heart and built HopefullyPlated, a concierge nutritional planning company, helping couples + families in Atlanta, Georgia. After 5 years in Atlanta, I met my partner in crime and took another bigger leap (ok maybe more like a very long plane ride) and have recently planted in Israel. I am here to share my experiences- navigate meal prep in a foreign country, learn to make new friends, and my favorite add in new and exciting fitness classes into my life.

If all of that interests you then I'm your girl. Follow me on this amazing journey and let's see what happens... in a month.. a year... or foreva eva!